All of Chris's activities have been marked by the creation of new service offerings, capabilities and businesses. 

In his first job, at DRI (Data Resources Inc, the pioneering econometrics-based consulting firm founded by Otto Eckstein of the Council of Economic Advisors), he developed the firm’s service architecture for financial institutions. The basic approach has endured for decades.

Next, at TBS/Mercer, he founded (in 1984) one of the first consulting practices structured around digital convergence, offering counseling companies across the computer and communications industries (e.g. Microsoft, Texas Instruments, AT&T, Digital Equipment, NYNEX) about industry development and marketing issues; his group became the largest in the firm.  He brought author Stan Davis into the firm to develop re-engineering capabilities before the term existed.

At E&Y/CGEY, he directed the Center for Business Innovation and transformed it from an insular university model to a networked research capability, correctly anticipating issues from the "global, mobile, always-on" network to the rising importance of intangible assets. The group developed many innovative approaches to publicizing new ideas on behalf of the firm.  He also partnered with Santa Fe Institute scientist to found the Bios Group, a company tasked with applying adaptive systems techniques to business processes; among the other investors were P&G and Ford.

At Monitor, he developed the strategy for and built the Monitor Networks business, combining his understanding of network science, network technology, and network behavior to help clients and Monitor profit from network-based business innovation. Leveraging his book Future Wealth, he then helped create Monitor Talent, an new operating unit offering agency services to thought leaders.